of communication itself is interpreted through body language.

Why screen a candidate based on only 7% of the information you need?


of recruiters cite that their biggest challenge is finding the right people.

Video interviewing has arrived as the solution to bridge the gap between the traditional two-page document and the person behind the CV.

£ 30K

is the amount a single bad hire can cost you.

Reduce your risk of hiring the wrong candidate by identifying if the person is the right fit in the first 90 seconds of viewing a recorded video interview.

Why video interviewing?

Capture what really matters

We want you to find unique, top talent. Recruit people that will bring more to work than just the requisite skills. Video communicates energy, attitude, cultural fit: the nuances of individual personality that are the raw materials for creating high-performance cultures.

Simplify the recruitment process

Recruiting well takes time that few of us have. Video interviewing combines the richness of face-to-face interviews with the convenience and affordability of CVs. Wherever, whenever, easily sharable and accessible: we provide simple integration and collaboration into your day-to-day workflow.

Candidates love it

Candidates appreciate a company that cares about the person and enjoy the opportunity to stand out. So, let them show you the real person behind the CV at their own convenience by taking the interview anytime, anywhere. Allow candidates to fall in love with your brand and culture through a bespoke, branded environment that shares your values and style; and show you care more about the person behind the CV.

How it works

Video interviews are incredibly easy to set up and carry out. We guide both parties seamlessly through the process, with on screen annotations and tutorials.

1. Create
Enter the interview questions you want the candidate to answer
2. Invite
Send candidates a branded email with a link to record their answers
3. Assess
View at your convenience; then rate, comment and shortlist candidates
4. Share
Share via email and discuss candidate responses with others
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For Employers
For Agencies
For Candidates
  • 1
    Discover the person behind the CV
  • 2
    Eliminate wasted interviews
  • 3
    Faster screening
  • 4
    Easily integrated into your workflow
  • 5
    Show candidates you care

Discover the person behind the CV

We want you to find unique, top talent. Recruit people that will bring more to work than just the requisite skills. Video communicates what a CV cannot: energy, attitude, cultural fit. These are the nuances of individual personality that are the raw materials for creating high-performing teams.


We believe that people are the heroes behind any successful business, so we want to put you first when it comes to what you want from the product. These features allow you to create a brilliant, yet easy-to-use interview experience for all users. And if the feature doesn’t exist yet, we’ll even build it for you.

Branded interface

24h live support

We care about you. We are there for both clients and candidates via chat, email or telephone around the clock.

Branded interface

Fully branded interface

A candidate’s user experience is branded from top to bottom during interviews - company logo, information and colour pallette.

Branded interface

Full mobile compatibility

PowerMeeter is entirely mobile friendly. You can conduct live and recorded interviews on all up-to-date smartphones and tablets. You can even send SMS invitations and reminders.

Branded interface

Application link for recorded interviews

Include a link for the video interview in job ads, emails or on your company website. This will save you the time to invite each candidate manually.

Branded interface

Share recorded videos with others

With a click of a button, a recruiter can share a candidate’s video responses with colleagues or clients via email.

Branded interface

Rate, comment, shortlist/reject candidates

Recorded interviews can be managed through a filtering system in which a recruiter can rate, comment, shortlist and/or reject candidates.

Branded interface

Technical set-up

We conduct a quick technical check right before an interview to make sure everything will run smoothly. We also have interactive guides to help any candidates with settings such as webcam, microphone or other issues.

Branded interface

Customisable email templates

Clients can add their personal touch and change or tailor content in our ready-made, branded email templates, according to each job role.

Branded interface

Email & SMS notifications and reminders

Immediate emails are sent to notify clients and candidates of an interview and automated emails are sent as reminders. You can also send SMS invitations and reminders making it more convenient for everyone.

Branded interface

LinkedIn connection

A candidate can choose to connect their LinkedIn profile to show their qualifications and experience during the interview.

Branded interface

Scheduled deadlines

Interviews can have a set deadline for recorded responses to be submitted or an open deadline for which there is no end date.

Branded interface

Saved positions and questions

Save new or existing roles along with specific questions for that position for upcoming job openings or for future use.

More Features


Video interviewing is here to stay, and will only continue to grow. But don’t just take our word for it. Read why others have adopted video as part of their standard recruitment practises.

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Mark J., Business Development


“Job seekers can use these virtual meetings to put their best foot forward, just as they would in person.”Read more

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According to an American survey, more than 75% of people admit to using their mobile device in the bathroom. Mobile is everywhere and PowerMeeter runs on just about everything.

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